5 Advantages of Choosing a “Buy Here Pay Here” Car Dealer in Connecticut

5 Advantages of Choosing a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer in ConnecticutTags:

Looking to buy a car? Credit score issues holding you back? A “Buy Here Pay Here” (BHPH) car dealer can put you in the driver’s seat.

Don’t Let Your Credit Score Ground You

At Frank’s Auto Credit, we specialize in assisting the many fine people in the Greater Hartford Community who have faced financial hardship and difficulties with the requirements of a traditional car loan. We help working adults with no credit, or with low credit scores, who nevertheless do have the earnings to afford a quality vehicle.

Over more than two decades of serving our communities, we have extended to our customers the significant benefits of BHPH:

1. We do the banking. It’s really one-stop shopping. All of our customers’ financing happens in-house here at Frank’s Auto Credit. Because we finance all vehicles we offer, there are no outside lenders involved. 

2. Getting approved is hassle-free. At Frank’s Auto Credit, we won’t put you through a credit check. We will need your valid license, two current pay stubs, and a copy of your recent home phone bill. Your part is a reasonable cash down payment. The transaction is straightforward and transparent. Begin today, by filling out our credit application online.

3. Financing is simple, with weekly payment options. Our customers send weekly or bi-weekly payments directly to Frank’s Auto Credit. We take care of this easily with you, either in person or by phone.

4. We’re here not just to sell cars, but to help our customers clients restore their credit scores. By submitting small but regular payments, you will make steady inroads to bring your credit rating back. Because you are not just a borrower to us but also our customer, we have an interest in your satisfaction with the purchase. Our relationship with you is therefore more flexible than the kind that occurs between a borrower and a bank. 

5. We have a wide variety of quality used vehicles to show you. Whether it’s a car, truck, minivan, or SUV, every vehicle is inspected for safety, and all needed repairs are performed before we offer any vehicle for sale. All sales come with a 60 day / 3,000 mile warranty.

Let Frank’s Get You Moving

At Franks Auto Credit, we’re proud to offer you an independent, family owned and operated business to work with in Hartford County, Connecticut. 

If you’re struggling with credit rating problems, you are not alone.  We have assisted many customers over the years, and we look forward to helping you too. 

We’re happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. Call 860-649-3000. Let’s get you moving!