Reasons to Use a Buy Here Pay Here Lot

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On the verge of using a Buy Here Pay Here lot but can’t decide? Let’s review some reasons why people use Buy Here Pay Here lots:

Why Use a Buy Here Pay Here Lot?

Quite obviously, the number reason why consumers love Buy Here Pay Here Lots is that even a poor credit score won’t affect the ability for you to receive a loan/financing! Most BHPH Lots do not take credit score into consideration.  Often times, Buy Here Pay Here Lots do not run your credit to determine if you are going to be a risk for them.  Instead, they use other requirements to secure a loan with them like employment length, age, a valid license etc.

Buy Here Pay Here Lots offer easy payment solutions, often at a weekly basis.  Paying a smaller amount a few times each month is easier than a lump sump at the end of each month.

Many dealers that offer Buy Here Pay Here plans will keep your note until maturity. These dealers are known for selling reliable vehicles. They understand that they should sell their customers cars that are not going to break down and require costly repairs.

In most cases, If you have a job and money for a down payment, you can be leaving the lot in less than an hour’s time! It can be a  quick and seamless process of getting some paperwork signed and you behind the wheel!

When you need a car loan the best chance of securing one, guaranteed is to go to a Buy Here Pay Here dealership.  If  you’ve had issues getting approved before than a Buy Here Pay Here Lot is the perfect solution where you wont run into an embarrassing hassle.

Many Buy Here Pay Here Lots play in integral role in the community and are owner operated and managed (including Franks!)

Interested in using a Buy Here Pay Here Lot?  Give us a call at (860) 649-3000 to learn how easy it can be!

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