Tips Before You Buy a Used Car

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There are things to look out for when you want to buy a used car. Because of the high price of new cars and the rate at which they depreciate quickly, consumers now prefer buying used cars instead. Most consumers think it is wise to invest in a used car, however, you must be careful as there are cars that come with damages that are not known to the unsuspecting buyer which can later become a liability to the consumer. In order to avoid buying a liability, these are ten things to look out for in making sure the used car you want to buy is in good, operable condition.

  1. You need to take the car for a ride on both local roads and highways to see how the car responds and performs and to get a feel of how the brakes respond. When you are testing the car on the local road, you can get a feel of how the car responds to sharp turns and how the brakes work. While on the highway, you should take note if the engine is running smoothly, without hesitancy. When you are taking the car on a test drive, always ensure your ears and eyes are open in order to detect any unusual sound, either from the engine or any other electronic device in the car and also make sure all the other gadgets (radio, navigation, controls etc.) in the car are functioning properly.
  2. The inside and outside state of a car goes a long way in indicating how valuable a car might be, that’s why one should always check the inner upholstery very well together with any repairs to the outside of the car. Make sure you open the hood and examine the engine and other parts. This does not mean you can’t buy a car that has been in a minor accident, you should only ensure that it was repaired by a professional and that the damage can no longer be visible to the eye. Inner parts that are dirty and rusted can only bring you more trouble.
  3. While you are on a test drive with the car, create time to check if it is leaking fluid. Find a clean area on the road and park the car, then let the engine continue running for at least 30 seconds to see if it will leak fluid. You can also move the car to inspect it for any visible leaking substance. Any car that is leaking any color of fluid either black fluid, green fluid or pink fluid might be an indicator that the car needs repair.
  4. You should also be able to do some research on the manufacturer that made the car and also the model in order to uncover any defects/common issues that might probably arise in the process of using the car.
  5. If possible, have a trusted mechanic inspect the car before buying it. The mechanic will help you detect if the car has hidden damages and will also help you to determine the value of the car. The mechanic will also let you know if there will be problems with the engine in the future. Having your used car inspected by the mechanic is worth the while.
  6. Ask about the previous owner in order and what kind of driver he/she was as well as if any prior receipts/records were kept. Some car dealers will offer warranties that will even extend beyond the original car coverage.
  7. In order to avoid the buyer’s remorse – feel free to take the time that you need to make such a decision but also consider some great deals won’t last for days on end.
  8. You can decode the VIN by checking a VIN decoder chart to make sure the car’s VIN info is the same with the car’s title and records. This is to ensure the car is not a stolen one.
  9. You can also ask for a vehicle history report on the car because this will enable you expose title problems, ownership history, previous accidents and service points. You can get these reports from the car dealers or you can order for them online.

Hope these tips prove to be helpful when searching for your next used car.  Looking for something in the CT area? Contact Frank’s Auto Credit today!
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