5 Reliable Used Cars Under $15,000

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At Franks Auto Credit, we understand that having a reliable car is central to sustaining your lifestyle. In fact, with a reliable car, you can upgrade your life. With a used, yet reliable car under $15,000, you reduce the chances of having excessive repairs, which will ultimately help you save.

We have a wide range of used, reliable cars under $15,000. Take a look at our suggestions to see what car will be best for you. Each car that made the list has a reputation for being safe, low maintenance, and great for families! Additionally, our list focuses on cars between the years of 2005 and 2010.

2010 or Earlier Hyundai Sonata

After Hyundai’s transformation, they have truly become a leader within the industry. With their world renowned warranty, you can purchase a Hyundai without any concerns about making expensive repairs. Beyond having an impressive warranty, the new Hyundai Sonata includes impressive amenities, including an MP3 player.

2010 or Earlier Ford Fusion

Ford, a leader in American cars, has found the intersection of affordability and style. Their Fusion provides families with an economical solution to high gas prices. The Fusion offers you variety. Choose between the SE, Hybrid, SEL, and S to find the Fusion that’s right for you.

2010 or Earlier Honda Civic

Year after year, Honda Civics prove to be a great car for the entire family. Many Honda Civic drivers are lifelong Honda owners because they believe that Hondas have tremendous value. A $15,000 budget will take you a long way when it comes to purchasing a Honda. You should consider 2010 Civics or earlier.

2010 or Earlier Toyota Corolla

Longer and wider than its predecessors, the new Toyota Corolla is the epitome of ingenuity. Crafted by engineers who know what it takes to deliver a best-in-class, economical, and compact car, the Toyota Corolla is great for families and teenagers alike. Safe, reliable, and durable, you won’t be disappointed when you purchase a Corolla.

2010 or Earlier Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza may be a car you’ve never considered, but Subaru has definitely created a safe, economical car with this nice compact. Great on gas, and even better on style, take a look at what the Impreza has to offer your family.

There are many other options for great cars on the market, but very few can compare to any of the five cars mentioned above. When you want a car that’s a great value, great on gas, safe, and great for the whole family, consider any of the cars mentioned above. When you are ready, visit us at Frank’s Auto Credit, where we specialize in helping hardworking families find the car they need.