Looking for a Bad Credit Car Dealer in Connecticut? Visit Frank’s!

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Connecticut residents with bad credit have a friend in Frank’s when they need a car. At Frank’s Auto Credit, we understand that everyone has the occasional credit hiccup. We believe that many good people have fallen on hard times and sometimes need a second chance – a little hand up to help you get back on your feet. We’re proud of our status as a bad credit car dealer.

We don’t believe that credit mistakes in the past mean you shouldn’t have access to a safe vehicle. Unfortunately bad credit car dealers are few and far between. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help people just like you get the cars you need and help you put your credit back on the right track.

Low Credit or No Credit, We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether you have a low credit rating due to misfortunate credit experiences in the past or you simply haven’t had an opportunity to establish credit yet, we can help you find the right car and get the financing you need. We have a “Buy here. Pay here.” policy designed to make paying for your vehicle as convenient as possible.

More importantly, we’re not offering clunkers that left roadworthy behind thousands of miles ago. We have a nice selection of quality used vehicles in good working condition buyers can choose from. We believe a Connecticut bad credit car dealer is the right answer and are here to help you get the car – and credit you need.

About Frank’s Auto Credit

Frank M. Lynch established Frank’s Auto Credit in 1995 and it has been a family owned and operated business ever since. We have a 20 year history of serving the Greater Hartford and surrounding communities and are looking forward to many more years.

We take care of all financing in-house rather than relying on outside lenders. This means that we act as our own bank and don’t have to worry about meeting the standards of other lenders. We offer the option of weekly or bi-weekly payments for greater convenience.

While all of our customers can pay in the office, we also offer the option of making payments over the phone too.

Documentation for Frank’s Auto Credit Loans

In order to qualify for our bad credit car dealer loans you must be at least 18 years of age, have a current driver’s license, and provide Frank’s Auto Credit with two current pay stubs and a cash down payment. You can come into the dealership to fill out an application or apply online at your convenience.

Why Buy from Frank’s?

In addition to offering guaranteed financing to everyone who meets the requirements mentioned above, Frank’s offers vehicles that have been inspected for safety and repaired prior to sale along with a 60-day/3,000 mile warranty. Combine that with a 20 year history of helping people, just like you, overcome credit speed bumps to get back on the road and Frank’s Auto Credit is the only bad credit check car dealer you need to know.