Bad Credit Can Fall On Good People

Bad credit can fall on good people. It is of no fault of your own that unfortunate circumstances have befallen you or a loved one, so why do car dealerships think they can charge an arm and a leg regarding the annual percentage rate (APR) of your payment plan?

What Is Frank’s Auto Credit?

Frank’s Auto Credit is a buy here pay here that sells quality vehicles to people with bad, little, or no credit. This bad credit car dealership is a diamond in the rough – A “buy here pay here” car dealership that doesn’t charge exorbitant interest rates on their vehicles.

The business is family owned and a family operated independent car dealership that was established by Frank Lynch. Customers will be happy to know that Frank’s Auto Credit has been chugging along for eighteen years, buoyed by an everlasting commitment to customers with low credit scores.

Why Is Frank’s Auto Credit Special?

To put it frankly, Frank’s Auto Credit is a no-frills business. They won’t leap at every available opportunity to take advantage of their customer. You’ll notice some interest rates of vehicles listed on their website in the mid teens, when the typical lower class bad credit car dealership would have an APR percentage in the high 20s.

The salesmen at Frank’s Auto Credit won’t try any of the textbook tricks employed by the other car dealership. They won’t tell you a certain car is unavailable at the moment, or that they can’t find the car you’re asking about in their advertisement.

Instead, the salesmen will walk you through the purchase of your car. They’ll work with you to create a consistent and reliable payment plan that you, the customer, can stick to without having to worry about late fees or hiked interest rates.

What About All Those Rumors Regarding Bad Credit Car Dealerships?

First things first – Bad credit car dealerships in CT are nothing like those sketchy commercials on television late at night. Dispel those stereotypes that a bad credit car dealership will take advantage of you or give you a predatory interest rate for the sole purpose of making a profit.

Whether customers like it or not – car dealerships that choose to only serve those with good credit do it because it’s easier to insure their business dealings as they assume that anyone with poor credit is not a quality consumer.

Wow, I Respect Frank’s Auto Credit A Lot More Now!

And you should! It doesn’t matter what nickname it has: whether it’s the best buy here pay here car dealership in ct, the best “bad credit car dealership in ct,” you will get a consistent consumer experience at Frank’s Auto Credit.

The range of services offered to consumers by Frank’s Auto Credit is very large. Their impressive website is equipped with everything a prospective car buyer could want. Detailed product information pages on the cars they sell, a robust credit application that supports co-applicant forms, contact information, legal information, and more!

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