Best Car Gadgets for 2016

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If purchasing a car is on your list of goals for the new year, you should be aware of the cool, technologically advanced car gadgets that can be of assistance to you in 2016. The following information covers the the top, must have car gadgets for 2016. While some of these gadgets are now included in new cars as standard features, others may have to be purchased separately, or added on to your car bundle.

Back Up Cameras with Advanced Features

Back up cameras offer huge safety and prevention advantages to the driver. Many of the new models use even more advanced camera systems, offering multiple as well as 360 angle views. These cameras can help prevent backing into something that you may not be able to see otherwise via a mirror, including small children and animals as well as objects that could damage your vehicle.

Self Parking Systems

While pricey and often increasing the cost of a new car by another 4 figures, if parking has always been an issue for you, or perhaps the driver has a disability that makes the task difficult, investing in a self parking system built into your vehicle could be an easy fix. It’s very much a quality of life upgrade for drivers overall.

Smartphone Vehicle Management System

Cell phone technology is continuously on the rise. Several automakers are now offering their customers the ability to use their phone to locate, start the engine of their car, call for roadside assistance as needed and even check in for the health screening status of the vehicle. While this technology is still being developed and there are certain to be some new upgrades for the 2017 and forward car seasons, this is still a nifty way to kill two birds with one phone. Some systems are currently being tested where drivers can use the technology to get out and use the phone to direct the car to park itself.

Smartphone Entertainment and Information Integration System

Utilizing systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, many cars now offer the ability to have the full usage of your cell phone on the touch screen of the car. For drivers that often find themselves reaching for their phones while driving, this feature can be a huge safety asset as you will be able to use the phone and car simultaneously, all from the easy access of your dashboard screen. Doing your due diligence on these different gadgets can help you to understand what the pros and cons are of each and if they are worth the cost to add on to your car package.