How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit in Connecticut

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The decline of the economy has left many with damaged credit when they lost their businesses, home or faced company downsizing due to shrinking sales.  The effects of dealing with a scarred credit history can haunt consumers for years.  Needing to buy a new car when you are going through the process of repairing your credit can be an added burden, leaving many to consider whether or not a new car is even possible.  Many are concerned about predatory lenders or shifty car dealers that will charge exorbitant interest rates on already overpriced cars just to prey on consumers with less than perfect credit, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  There are reputable Connecticut bad credit car dealers that can assist.

Finding A Bad Credit Car Dealer in Connecticut

You have heard the radio commercials with their announcements that says, “good credit or bad credit, it’s no problem.”, but is it really?  What should you know about finding a bad credit car dealer in Connecticut that is reputable to deal with?  Ask how long their business ahs been operation, see if other’s have purchased any vehicles from them.  These types of answers can help you determine if the dealership is the right one for you.

Going with a Buy Here, Pay Here Lot in CT

If you have driven by any signs that say, “Buy Here, Pay Here,” you might be wondering what that is all about.  In a nut shell, the ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ offer means that the dealership acts as both car seller and the bank lender, you’ll purchase from the dealer and pay the loan back to the dealer.

Being armed with the right information will help you feel more confident in wading through a car purchase when your credit is need of repair.  You still have options when you are in a situation like this and being smart about it will avoid further damage.


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