Buying a Car When You Have Bad Credit. What are your Options?

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Maxed out credit cards. Late bill payments. Bankruptcy. Loss of income. These are all reasons why many Americans have a poor credit score. Now you need a car but you’re not sure if you’ll be approved for a car loan because of your credit score and payment history. Not to mention, you’re worried about the interest rates and loan terms because of your score. It’s a worrisome position, we know.

There is nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a beautiful car you have seen at a car dealership only to find out you cannot purchase it just because you do not qualify as a result of a bad credit score.

Good news is that even if your credit is bad, no matter how bad, you can always get car financing and find a car of your choice at Frank’s.

Franks Auto Credit is a leading Connecticut Bad Credit Car Dealer that helps you purchase a car of your choice without fear of being denied. By getting auto financing at Franks Auto Credit, you will realize how easy auto financing has become. Just complete an online application form in only a few minutes and start your journey to finding your dream car!

You do not have to allow the history of your credit to haunt you and keep you from driving the car you want AND need.

So, now that you know the buy here pay here dealer you want to use (Frank’s, of course), what do you need? It’s simple!

  • Two Current Pay Stubs from your Employer.
  • A Phone Bill from where you reside.
  • A valid Driver’s License.
  • A cash down payment (the dollar amount varies depending on which vehicle is purchased)
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Fill out our Online Credit Application

Just visit Frank’s Auto Credit website to find a reliable used car dealer by model, make or year. Unlike others, Frank Auto Credits does not just finance you to acquire the car of your choice but also offers a a complete inventory of quality used cards. Do not just go for a car or dealer because your choices are limited.