Call Frank’s for Bad Credit Auto Loans in CT!

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Frank’s Auto Credit is a bad credit auto loan dealer in Connecticut that was created by Frank M. Lynch in 1995. For over two decades, Frank’s Auto Credit has catered to the Greater Hartford Community. While many dealers refuse to serve those who with bad credit who have faced great financial hardship in the past, Frank’s Auto Credit caters to these type of customers. If you’ve had a hard time getting a traditional car loan, we will likely be of great help to you.

Poor Credit Score

Unlike most automobile dealers, you can purchase a high quality vehicle from us even if you happen to have a very poor credit score. In fact, the same applies if you have no credit whatsoever. As long as you have the funds to pay for a high quality automobile, we will not turn you down simply because of the financial hardships you may have experienced in the past. We understand that a poor credit score can be very difficult to improve, even if your financial situation is no longer dire.

How Do We Finance Our Customers?

Frank’s Auto Credit finances all of its customers in-house, unlike the vast majority of automobile dealers. Essentially, we are our own back, so we are able to finance very vehicle that we sell to our customers. Therefore, your bad or non-existent credit won’t be a problem because there are no 3rd party financial institutions involved in the financing of our customers. Once you get an auto loan from us, you will make all your payments directly to use. Payments will be made either twice a month or weekly. Payments are incredibly easy to make. In fact, customers have the ability to make them over the phone.

What Vehicles Do We Offer?

Here at Frank’s Auto Credit, we offer a large array of different automobiles, such as SUVs, trucks, cars, and even mini vans. While we offer many different types, models, and brands of cars, one thing that all of our vehicles have in common is that they are all good quality and in good condition. Before a vehicle is offered for sale, we inspect it for safety and perform any necessary repairs. To further protect our customers, we provide a 60 Day/3,000 Mile warranty for each vehicle.

What Do Customers Need to Get an Auto Loan?

Customers need to provide a cash down payment, two recent pay stubs, a phone bill, and a legitimate driver’s license to get an auto loan from Frank’s Auto Credit. All customers must be at least 18 years old. To get an auto loan, fill out the application form online and call Frank’s Auto Credit today.