Get Bad Credit Car Loan Approval at Frank’s Auto Credit

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Buying a car can be stressful. You first have to visit different dealerships and then once you think you have found the car you want, you then have to worry about whether or not you can afford financing. Traditional banks may not offer you an auto loan if you have bad credit or an insufficient credit history. If you have been turned down for a loan before you may be wondering where you should turn. A car is a necessity in many areas of the country, especially in Connecticut, and not being able to finance a car should not be on your list of problems.

Even if you have bad credit you may still be able to apply for an auto loan. This shouldn’t be the difficult part in the car buying process and at Frank’s Auto Credit you can be driving off with a car in no time.

Bad credit may not be your problem; instead, you may have a lack of credit history. A lack of credit history can be just as big of a problem as trying to get bad credit car loans. Your lack of credit history doesn’t have to stop you from purchasing a car so that you can get to and from work and other places that are a necessity.

When you shop at Frank’s not only can you find the vehicle you need to get on with your daily life, but you can get the credit you need as well.

At Frank’s you will find that there is a wide variety of quality used cars for sale, including trucks, cars, and SUVs. All the necessary repairs are made on the cars and each is thoroughly inspected for safety before it even goes up for sale so you have peace of mind knowing you can safely drive off the lot. When you finance with Frank’s Auto Credit you will also find a 60-day/3,000 mile warranty on the vehicle.

How does bad credit car loan approval work at Frank’s? After you have selected the perfect vehicle to meet your needs the financing is done all in house. This means that you don’t have to go to an outside bank and involve another party in the transaction. You get better customer service and you can make payments directly with Frank’s Auto Credit on a schedule that you work out.

Here is a list of items you will need that can help you secure bad credit auto loans in CT: a valid driver’s license, your two most recent pay receipts from your current employer, a phone bill from your residence and a cash down payment. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to qualify. Once you are ready, all you need to do is fill out the application and be on your way to driving off in a new car from Frank’s!