Going the Distance with a Used Chevy Sonic

Going the Distance with a Used Chevy SonicTags:

Are you in Manchester, CT, and on the market for a new-to-you pre-owned vehicle? Look no further than used Chevy Sonics for sale in Manchester, CT at Frank’s Auto Credit. We have used Chevy Sonics available, and our low- or no-credit in-house banking model is sure to provide you with the means to acquire this sporty vehicle.

All About the Chevy Sonic

Whenever you go car shopping, you’ve got to make a few judgement calls about what you’re willing to pay, how much wear and tear you’re willing to purchase, and where to look. When it comes to a Chevy Sonic, it’s important to consider what year model and what the mileage is. You also must be willing to look at a manual transmission, as many Sonics have this.

Chevy Sonics were introduced in 2012 in either a four-door sedan or hatchback model. Considered a “sub-compact” vehicle, this car was manufactured as a replacement for the Chevy Aveo, which was discontinued in 2011. Sonics are still in production, the most basic 2017 model costing around $16,000 brand new.

2012 models, like the nice cherry red model on the Frank’s Auto Credit lot right now, have four cylinders and excellent gas mileage, about 40 mpg highway.

Buying a Used Chevy Sonic

If you need a reliable car but you have less than stellar—or no—credit, Frank’s Auto Credit is the place to go. We have an in-house bank that allows you to take out a loan with us and pay us directly every week or two weeks. All you have to do is make a cash down payment, provide proof of income and identity, and be at least 18 years old.

So where does that leave you with used Chevy Sonics for sale in Manchester, CT? In the perfect place! Frank’s Auto Credit, as we’ve already mentioned, has a lovely red 2012 used Chevy Sonic for sale right now. This is the four-door sedan model and has breathtakingly low mileage (about 65,000 miles) for being five years old. Plus you would have the satisfaction of owning the first run of this model, the one that replaced the Aveo.

In general, you can expect a Chevy Sonic to be either an automatic or manual (ours is a manual), have a tachometer on the dash controls, contain a CD player, have a sturdy airbag, and have great fuel efficiency. The sub-compact design of the Chevy Sonic equals smooth handling on the road and a fun drive. If you have been eyeing the Chevy Sonic, this reasonably priced vehicle is sure to meet all the basic requirements of fuel economy, modern convenience, and ease of driving.