Looking For A No Credit Check Car Dealer Near Hartford? Visit Frank’s!

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Whether your current car is giving you a lot of trouble or you’re trying to purchase your first car, it can be difficult to choose an affordable car that you wouldn’t mind driving for the next few years or even decades. Unfortunately, the process of buying a car is even more arduous if you have bad or non-existent credit. Fortunately, even if your credit is not up-to-par for other car dealers, you can still purchase a quality car from Frank’s Auto Credit.

What Do We Sell?

Here at Frank’s Auto Credit, which is located near Hartford, Connecticut, we specialize in quality used cars. A common misconception is that people with bad or non-existent credit have no choice but to purchase a low quality car without any loans. However, this is far from the truth. The target clients for Frank’s Auto Credit are actually individuals who have bad credit or no credit. We only sell high quality used cars at our dealer, so you don’t have to settle for a low quality used car simply because your credit isn’t as good as it could be.

Our selection of cars here at Frank’s Auto Credit is very extensive. We offer cars of many different makes, models, and years. Therefore, if you have a certain vehicle in mind, it is likely that you will be able to buy it here at Frank’s Auto Credit. In fact, if you have a certain color in mind, there is a high possibility that you will also find your dream car in the color you want, as well. We try to make our vehicles as affordable as possible so that all of our clients can drive away from our dealer feeling satisfied.

Why Should You Buy From Frank’s Auto Credit?

Very few dealers offer financing for individuals who have bad or non-existent credit. Therefore, if you happen to be one of these individuals, your options are definitely limited. Fortunately, here at Frank’s Auto Credit, we have a no credit check policy and we offer guaranteed financing. Thanks to Frank’s Auto Credit, a no credit check car dealer near Hartford, you won’t have to go without a car until you can buy one in full or settle for a sketchy car simply because you have bad or non-existent credit.

If you would like to see the cars we offer here at Frank’s Auto Credit, don’t hesitate to visit. There, you will be able to test any used cars you are interested in buying to ensure their quality. For more information about the many used cars we offer and our financing options, give us a quick call.