No Credit, Guaranteed Financing, Frank’s Auto Credit is the Premier Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership in Hartford, CT

No Credit, Guaranteed Financing, Frank's Auto Credit is the Premier Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership in Hartford, CTTags: , ,

One of the biggest struggles that so many people have when buying a car is that you cannot do the entire transaction with just the dealership. You usually have to buy the car from the dealership and then obtain financing from another party also involved in the transaction. This is completely counter to the way we are used to making purchases. Frank’s Auto Credit is changing that with their approach of being the premier Hartford buy here pay here dealership.

What About My Credit Rating?

Most people are under the impression that if they have a poor credit rating, they are not going to eb able to obtain financing to buy any type of car, whether it be a new or a used automobile. Going to a traditional car dealership that does not handle financing on their own may prove this to be true, but this is not how it is handed at a dealership like ours, which is buy here pay here in Hartford CT.

When you shop at Frank’s Auto Credit you are going to be guaranteed financing. You do not have to worry about your credit rating because there is no credit score check at all. The dealership specializes in getting customers set up with the car that they need at a price they can afford, regardless of their credit situation.

How Financing is Guaranteed

Frank’s Auto Credit is able to guarantee financing due to the fact that all of the financing is done in-house. Rather than a traditional car dealership, where you buy the car and then pay the financing company that has the loan, all of it is done right at our Hartford buy here pay here dealership. We can guarantee you financing because we are the ones providing you the loan, essentially. When you buy a used car from us you have the ability to make your payments either monthly or bi-weekly in most cases, and the payments will be going directly to Frank’s Auto Credit. There is no middle man, no third-party providing financing, keeping the transaction simple.

The selection of automobiles at Frank’s Auto Credit make us the top dealership for buy here pay here in Hartford CT. The automobiles that we have come from pretty much any make and model and we have cars that are going to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for a budget car or something a bit more high-end, we are going to have the inventory to meet your needs. Located just outside of Hartford in Manchester, CT, visit us and you never have to worry about your credit for a second along the way.