5 Safe and Affordable Cars for Teen Drivers

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Teen drivers need a vehicle that expertly blends safety, reliability and yes, even performance. The safety and reliability of a car ensures your teen driver will make it safely to each destination without any upsetting incidents. The performance aspect also ensures drivers can safely reach their destination by enabling quick stops, turns and moments of acceleration in the face of danger.
Here are five amazing cars that provide all of the above benefits and more.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta has enjoyed the designation of a safe, reliable sedan since its creation by Volkswagen in 1979. Although the older Jettas are inspired and relatively safe, you’ll want to pick up a fourth to sixth generation model, which are made from 1999 until present day. The newer models have all of the modern features and stock performance characteristics your teen will love. Furthermore, all of these Jettas received a strong crash test rating on side, front and rear impacts by several traffic safety testing organizations.

Honda Civic

The ever-popular Honda Civic provides all of the characteristics needed by brand new drivers without breaking the bank. Although the Civic has a reputation as a boy racer automobile, it’s actually quite refined in its construction and abilities. To avoid paying a premium for the coveted older models, choose a sedan or coupe, not a hatchback, produced from 2001 until now. The Eco Assist technology on the newest generation can help your teen learn to save on gas mileage while driving around town.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has long been recognized for its reliability even in the face of a lack of maintenance or delayed repairs. Much like the Jetta, you’ll want to search for a suitable Camry coupe or sedan produced from the late 90s and beyond, as the newer models all received high marks on simulated crash tests. To obtain a good balance of power and safety, seek out models with the V6 engine, which produces just under 250 horsepower stock. If you want your teen to save money on gas, consider choosing the innovative hybrid engine.

Subaru Legacy

Subaru created the well-loved Legacy model in 1989 to provide loyal customers with a mid-sized sedan. Unlike the other models in the class, the Legacy offers all-wheel drive on its stock configuration. Subaru engineered the Legacy with advanced safety and performance features, so you can look back as far as 1993 when buying your teen one of these cars. Models created in the 2000s, however, feature multiple cameras and collision avoidance systems for a boost in safety.

Chevrolet Malibu

In its original form, the Malibu by Chevrolet was a big-bodied automobile designed for comfort and safety. The rebirth of the Malibu in 1997 embraced those characteristics and added a bit of performance and reliability to the mix. This model comes with an Ultra efficient 2.2 Ecotec four cylinder engine or a number of V6 power plants that range from 200 to 240 horsepower. These vehicles feature important systems, including air bags, traction control, tire pressure monitors and stability control, to keep your teen safe.
Since you cannot go wrong with any of the models above, consider allowing your teen to make the final selection after taking each one on a test drive.