Three Ways to Start Fixing Your Low Credit Score Today

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Want to buy a car but your credit isn’t great? We can help you at Frank’s Auto Credit. Frank’s is a family owned and operated car dealership in Connecticut and the Greater Hartford area that specializes in helping people with poor or no credit to buy cars.

Chances are, you can buy a car right now at Frank’s, but while you’re looking you should start the work to repair your credit score. This could take some time, but here are three basic steps to get you started:

First, check Your credit report to make sure there are no errors. You can request a free copy at The data contained in your  report is used to calculate your score so it is important to make sure it is correct. If you find errors, dispute them with the credit bureau using the contact information provided in the report.

Next, make paying your bills on time a priority and give yourself a reminder to do so. Making payments on time is the biggest contributor to your credit scores, so check with your bank to see if they offer a payment reminder through their online banking site. Some banks will send an email or text when a payment is due. Also consider setting up automatic payments through your credit card or loan providers so you don’t even have to remember when they’re due. You do need to make sure you have sufficient funds in the account when the payments are deducted though.

And finally, reduce the amount of debt you owe. First, stop using  your credit cards and start paying them off. Start with the cards with the highest interest rate and pay as much as you can on those cards while continuing to pay the minimum on lower interest cards. When you pay off the higher rate cards, start working on the lower rates ones.

While you’re working toward this, we will work to get you into a car. At Frank’s Auto Credit all of the financing is done in house so you make your payments directly to us either weekly or every two weeks. You can even make payments over the phone. Making car payments on time will help with your credit score over time also. Frank’s has a wide selection of used cars, trucks, mini vans, and SUVs. Just bring us two current pay stubs, a phone bill with your address on it, a valid driver’s license showing you are at least 18 years old, and a cash down payment and we’ll work to get you into a car today.