Used Hyundai Sonatas For Sale in Connecticut

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If you want to drive a Hyundai Sonata but think the price pushes the car out of your reach, check in with Frank’s Auto Credit. We have a solid selection of Sonatas ranging from 2007 to 2010 and more. These cars have several amenities and creature comforts that make driving a treat, and our loan application process can help you even if you have bad or no credit.

Hyundai Sonata Basics

The Hyundai Sonata is a reliable midsize sedan known for being economical. As each year-model has been issued, Hyundai has worked to improve an already impressive fuel efficiency record. Highway mileage can top the low 30s, and online anecdotes often claim the mileage can get into the mid-30s, which is excellent for a midsize car. That sort of mileage is more common on smaller, lighter economy-size cars.

The Sonata is known for having a small turning circle, which is convenient for those who need to turn around in tight spots and can’t make several back-and-forth movements. Handling is fine; the exterior can look basic, but bells and whistles that affect the looks of the car wouldn’t add anything to the efficiency, and Hyundai made the sensible decision to stick with a plainer design.


Our selections have power locks and power windows, and some have keyless entry available. Cruise control is also available on some models. Audio options vary from a simple AM/FM radio to a radio plus CD player. Our models range from 4-cylinder to 6-cylinder, and each car has airbags.

Pricing For Used Hyundai Sonatas For Sale in CT

Our quality, used Sonatas are available for significantly of what you’d pay for them new. These Sonatas are well cared for and in excellent shape. You can pay an affordable down payment and make low weekly payments for a set number of months. You can even pay online through our AutoStar Portal Pay page. This is an excellent opportunity for those with bad or no credit to boost their scores. We work with all credit levels and can find the right loan terms for your situation.

Don’t let these deals pass you by. If you really want to drive an efficient, comfortable Hyundai Sonata and are fine with driving a used car, contact Frank’s Auto Credit. Try our online application to see what sort of credit help you can get and what repayment terms you would be able to work out. We want you to have wheels and will help you get back on the road.