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Founded in 1995, Frank’s Auto Credit is a buy here pay here used car dealer in Hartford, Connecticut. For the past two decades, buyers who have wanted a no-hassle way to purchase a quality used vehicle have gone to Frank’s Auto Credit. Many car dealers require their customers to go through the trouble of getting a car loan from the bank. If you’re still wondering why you should visit Hartford’s buy here pay here dealer, here is some more information about Frank’s Auto Credit.

We Are a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

If you’ve ever tried to get a traditional loan from the bank for a car or house, you know that it can be a huge hassle. In fact, if your credit is bad or non-existent, getting a bank loan can be close to impossible. Fortunately, we don’t do credit checks here at Frank’s Auto Credit and we don’t require our residents to deal with a bank for financing. As a buy here pay here dealer, we serve as the bank for our customers.

Guaranteed Financing

Here at Frank’s Auto Credit, we offer our customers guaranteed financing. Undoubtedly, you will struggle to find another Connecticut automobile dealership that offers guaranteed financing. We basically act as our own bank, so we are able to offer guaranteed financing to all of our customers. Since we don’t do credit checks, customers who don’t have credit that is good enough to buy from other dealerships can buy from us. Also, if you don’t want to deal with a 3rd party financial institution, we are definitely a good choice. Making payments to us is fairly simple and you will be able to decide your payment schedule.

What Vehicles Are in Our Inventory?

Visit Hartford’s buy here pay here dealer if you want to get a quality used vehicle. Even though we don’t do credit checks here at Frank’s Auto Credit, the used vehicles we offer are of the utmost quality. Before we put a used vehicle in our inventory for sale, we have the vehicle inspected and repairs are performed if necessary. Not only does our inventory consist of quality vehicles, but it also consists of a large variety of vehicles, such as trucks, cars, and SUVs. Our inventory consists of used vehicles of many types, models, and brands.

Do You Want to Get an Auto Loan?

If you would like to learn more about the steps you should take to get an auto loan from us, visit Hartford’s buy here pay here  dealer for more information. All you will need is pay stubs, a driver’s license, a phone bill, and a cash down payment to get a loan for a used vehicle from us.