We are a Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership in CT!

We are a Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership in CT!Tags:

Did you know that you can get a great deal in getting your credit approval? Worry no more, Frank’s Auto Credit is all you need to
be covered. We give you the opportunity to own a car and pay for it without difficulties. Whether you have a credit or not, we
give equal consideration and are open to all. Our transactions are done in-house, and all the payments are made directly through
Frank’s Auto Credit.

We are a Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership in CT!

Since our establishment, 22 years ago, we have proved to be a Guaranteed Approval Car Dealership in CT. Our experience in the industry over the years is proof that we are a reliable dealer. Have you ever considered the challenge in accessing finances in traditional method due to the process involved? We have made it easier for you to access finances.

Here is why you should consider us as Guaranteed Credit Approval Dealer;

1. We offer used car and facilitate the payment

As much as it is hard to believe this, we give you the opportunity to own a car, and at the same time, we ensure we ease the payment through financing the purchase. We facilitate the whole process of buying and thus, get your finances covered. That is how far we can go to make you satisfied.

2. Fast processing period

We understand you need your vehicle on the road as soon as possible and that is why we process your credit with least time possible. Our credit is instant, and we don’t have prolonged procedures during our financing.

3. No bank involved

There are many people who fail to access finances from the bank due to either bad credit or no credit at all. Here at Frank’s, we carry out all the process without involving any bank. That is why we are one of the Best-Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealer.

4. Buying and selling under one roof

Just as our slogan states “buy here pay here CT,” we have incorporated all the services at a central place. No need for movement in and out. All the payments are made at Frank’s since no bank is involved. The availability of all services helps us in achieving proper customer satisfaction as well as high quality care due to minimal movements.

5. Bad credit no credit, we are here for you

If you have been looking around for finances to no avail, we are here for you with our credit services even if the bank deems you not qualified. We understand you and your needs, and that’s we are ready to listen to your case no matter your circumstances. Finally, by ensuring we deliver what you are looking for, and at a friendly consideration through our financing, we can stand out as a Guaranteed Credit Approval Dealer CT. Contact us or visit our offices to be part of our success story.