What You Need to Know About Cadillac’s Super Cruise Feature

What You Need to Know About Cadillac’s Super Cruise FeatureTags:

Cadillac is setting new auto industry standards with its ground-breaking driver assistant technologies such as the Super Cruise. The Super Cruise comes as the world’s first hands-free driving system for the freeway. The feature is available on Cadillac’s 2018 CT6 models that were manufactured after September 6th, 2017.

Just like Tesla’s autopilot and Mercedes-Benz’s intelligent drive, the super cruise system is semi-autonomous and includes a number of features that can steer, propel, and stop the vehicle on its own. This system will always make you feel safer and in better hands than the other rival systems. Here are a few things you need to know about the Super Cruise.

It’s Based on An Extensive Array of LIDAR Maps

The building foundation of the Super Cruise system is a broad array of LiDAR maps that cover all the major roads in the United States. The maps combine with the vehicle’s cameras and radar systems to create accurate situational consciousness that beats any other self-driving system that you can imagine of.

Unlike the other systems that rival it, the super cruise system allows you to get your hands off the steering. On engaging the system, a green light bar on the steering turns on indicating that it’s safe to take off your hands.

The System Will Still Alert You to Remain Attentive

As mentioned earlier, the super cruise system allows you to get your hands off the steering. However, Super Cruise will still use infrared cameras fixed on the steering wheel to ensure that you are always ready to take over driving if things go wrong.

The camera tracks your mouth, eyes, and ears and will figure out if you are looking or not. If your eyes are focused forward, then you are fine, but the car will prompt you to pay attention if you start staring at your mobile phone or the side window by constantly flashing the green light on the steering.

If you ignore the green light on the wheel, an audible sound is turned on, and if you don’t pay attention, then the car will decelerate, stop, and turn on the flashlights and contact the emergency authorities via the intergrated Onstar.

It’s a Real Game-Changer

Although the semi-autonomous technology can’t handle complex situations, the Super cruise is a little different. Ever major highway in the United States has been pre-scanned and will work well with the Cadillac system.

The Super Cruise can negotiate curves comfortably and will hand over control to you whenever it’s about to encounter an interchange or a complicated road curve. Keep in mind that when the flashlight flashes red and turns off, the car doesn’t know what to, and it expects you to take over.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise system seems to offer a viable solution to highway driving which most drivers will love.