Why a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer is a Great Option for Bad Credit Borrowers

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We at Frank’s Auto Credit understand that not everybody has perfect credit, but even if you’ve had credit problems in the past, you still need a car now. There are many reasons why going with a “buy here pay here” dealership like Frank’s is the best option for those with poor credit, these reasons specifically include:

No Credit Checks

If you know you have bad credit, usually the last thing you want is another lender making a hard pull on your credit report. Hard credit checks will actually lower your credit score even more, and they usually stay on your credit report for up to two years. All that matters to us is that you can pay for a vehicle now with the money you’re currently earning. We do not care about negative credit items or anything else in your past, just that you are able to make payments.

Straightforward Approval Process

All we require are your last two pay stubs, a phone bill with your home address, a valid driver’s license, and a cash down payment. Anyone 18 or older who brings these items in to us will be approved. There are no minimum credit scores, no consumer debt to income ratio threshold, nothing of the sort. Traditional car dealerships make a significant amount of money through banks when they sign you to a financing package after you’ve decided on the car you want. Our financing is all in house, you pay us directly, without having to worry about dealing with a third party bank being involved.

Walk Out With a Car

In almost every case, you can walk in with the required documents and walk out with a vehicle. While this is the goal of every car dealership, we know that you will not be rejected by an outside bank for an auto loan when you buy with us. It does not matter if you have bad credit, no credit, or perfect credit, everyone who buys at Frank’s has the same opportunity to pay us either weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on when you get paid.

We know when you need a car, you can’t wait until your credit gets better just to be able to hope to qualify for a traditional car loan. Other lenders rely overwhelmingly on your credit report, whereas all we need from you is to make sure that you have a job. Our team is ready to do whatever it takes to get you behind the wheel of a vehicle today.