Why a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot?

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Financial hardship can happen to anyone at anytime. All it takes is one unexpected medical bill or tax penalty and your credit can be damaged. That doesn’t mean you are not a hard working individual and we here at Frank’s Auto Credit understand that.

Having damaged credit or no credit at all should not exempt you from owning the automobile you deserve if you have the means to afford one.

What is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot?

A buy here pay here car lot is where the dealership, not a third party credit company, is the bank. Instead of pulling credit reports and basing decisions on underwriting and FICA scores, this type of car lot will help you directly. Usually, these lots only need you to show proof of an income and have an available cash down payment. This is the perfect solution for people with credit that might not be good enough for traditional lenders, but have a steady job and the ability to make weekly or biweekly payments on an automobile.

Why choose Buy Here Pay Here?

The most important reason to choose a buy here pay here car lot is customer service. When you buy from us, you are paying us directly. This means we take care of you with the utmost respect and care. Unlike most dealerships, our relationship doesn’t end after the car is financed. We make sure every vehicle is repaired and inspected before they ever leave the lot, because we treat our customers with the respect that they deserve.

Another reason to choose a buy here pay here car lot is because credit is guaranteed to just about anyone. As long as you are 18 years old and can prove your income, you will drive away with a vehicle. If you are dealing with a credit company, that is not always the case. Credit scores play a huge factor with most other types of dealerships. However, your past should not punish you in the present if you have a job and can afford a vehicle.

BHPH is a good choice because you know the terms of your deal up front. Because you aren’t going through a third party, we are able to customize the payment arrangement for you directly. We will sit down with you and show you exactly what the terms of your financing are and will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Finally, getting a loan from us will help you rebuild or start to build your credit history. Since we are the bank, we report your on time payments directly to the credit bureaus. We are invested in getting you back on your feet financially, and getting you behind the wheel of a quality, used car.


Why a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot