Why a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealer?

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Most of the Connecticut car dealers do not provide bad credit auto loans to individuals with poor credit as it involves risk. To auto dealers and loan providers, a person’s credit rating is a measurement of risk – a risk that many lenders are not willing to take.  However, here at Frank’s Auto Credit, we have the perfect solution.

There are many people who have a poor credit score and are in need of a vehicle. A buy here pay here dealer, like Frank’s Auto Credit, assists you to buy a car no matter what your credit rating may be. Frank’s Auto Credit has a great reputation as the premier bad credit car dealership in Connecticut. Frank’s Auto Credit believes that a bad credit score should not hold you back from buying a car for yourself. No matter the financial hardship that you are facing, Frank’s Auto Credit will assist you to fulfil your dream of buying a quality, used car. Even if you have been denied at other dealers, we have payment plans that will work well with your credit rating.  Frank’s Auto Credit completely understands the need of a car and how difficult it is to manage commuting without one.

Deciding about the car that you want to buy takes a lot of time. Additionally, if finances are a concern, then price of the car is certainly a factor when shopping. Our Bad credit car dealership has various bad credit loan options – it’s what we specialize in!  As a Buy her pay here dealer we’ll get your car financed and offer competitive interest rates for those with poor credit.

We understand that a person’s credit does not define who they are actually and therefore Franks can assist. Feel free to browse our diverse inventory of best quality used cars. One can choose from these and own a car in spite of bad credit rating.

Cars of all brands are available at Frank’s Auto Credit thus the buyer has a wide variety to choose from depending on one’s budget.  Finding the right bad credit car dealership can be challenging. Go for the one that has a good market reputation:  Frank’s Auto Credit.

Buy her pay here dealers have redefined the used car buying experience.  The prices at which the used cars are available are affordable and suit the individuals who are going through a period of financial instability. Therefore, Frank’s Auto Credit dealership is a solution to all the concerns that a person with bad credit has when it comes to buying a vehicle.