Why We’re a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot in Connecticut

Why We're a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot in ConnecticutTags: , , , ,

We here at Frank’s Auto Credit love serving Connecticut and the Greater Hartford community, which we have done since Frank M. Lynch established the company in 1995. Our goal is to ensure that everyone receive a fair chance to own a vehicle. In a time when adequate transportation can mean he difference between holding down a job or being unemployed, we are here to help those in need get the financing to purchase a car, truck, mini van or SUV.

There are many in the state who have suffered through some difficult financial situations. These are, after all, tough economic times. They may believe that it is impossible for them to get a car loan. Well, in reality, they will face problems dealing with the traditional banking system, which relies on credit reports to make financing decisions. Anyone who fails to measure up to the strict standard set by these out-of-state executives can forget about being a car owner. We think this treatment unfair to the working person who deserves a chance to prove themselves responsible.

Frank’s Auto Credit helps those who cannot receive a traditional vehicle loan. We are here for those with poor credit scores, believing there is more to an individual than what appears on a computerized credit report. We also assist anyone who has no credit at all. Newlyweds, college students and military veterans are just some who take advantage of our willingness to serve customers without credit histories.

Because Frank’s Auto Credit handles all the financing in-house, there is no external force to affect our decisions. Clients never have to worry about a bank telling us to deny them credit. It is all up to us, using our own client-centered system, to grant the funds necessary to purchase a vehicle. Our customers work hard for their money and should not have to pay exorbitant amounts to satisfy the whims of the traditional banks.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, quality ride. There are no lemons here at Frank’s Auto Credit. Each vehicle undergoes a rigid series of tests before making it to the lot. Regardless, we provide every vehicle with a 60-day, 3,000-mile warranty. Clients need only to contact us if they recognize any problems.

Frank’s Auto Credit makes it easy to make payments. In fact, clients can pay their weekly or bi-weekly bill right over the phone, without leaving home. Of course, all payments come directly to Frank’s Auto Credit.

To get started on the road to car, truck, mini van or SUV ownership, all anyone 18 years or older need do is present Frank’s Auto Credit with two of the most current pay stubs, a residential phone bill, a valid driver’s license and a pre-arranged cash down payment.

Yes, it is that easy. In fact, the process gets easier. We even have an Online Credit Application!