Looking for Guaranteed Auto Financing and Sales in CT?

If you have been looking for a guaranteed credit approval car dealership in Connecticut, Frank’s Auto Credit could be just what you’re looking for. As a buy here pay here car dealership, we’re experts in striving towards guaranteeing your auto loan approval. We offer our own in-house financing, so we have the flexibility to work with anyone – no matter their credit score.

Tired of going from dealership to dealership only to be denied because of your credit score? Come visit Frank’s for an easy, hassle-free car buying process. We can get you approved for a loan and in a car the very same day!

What Do You Need to Get Guaranteed Auto Loan Financing?

  • Two current pay stubs from your employer
  • A phone bill from where you reside
  • A valid, Connecticut driver’s license
  • Personal references
  • A cash down payment (the dollar amount varies depending on which vehicle is purchased)
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Fill out our loan online application form
Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership in Connecticut

Why Our Connecticut Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership?

See why many customers who are looking for a guaranteed credit approval car dealership in Connecticut love shopping with Frank’s!:

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Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Buying

Can Frank’s Auto Credit Guarantee My Financing?

Our #1 goal is to get you financing for your vehicle. We guarantee we’ll do everything we can to get you financed even if you have poor or bad credit scores! Due to our high approval rate, many consider us a leading guaranteed credit approval auto dealership in Connecticut!

Is Frank’s a Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Dealership?

Similar to guaranteed credit approval auto dealerships in Connecticut, Frank’s Auto Credit provides all financing in-house. Rather than a traditional car dealership, where you buy the car and then pay the financing company that has the loan, all of it is done right at our buy here pay here car lot. We strive to offer guaranteed credit approval on all of our applicants.

When you buy a used car from us you have the ability to make your payments either monthly or bi-weekly in most cases, and the payments will be going directly to Frank’s Auto Credit. There is no middle man, no third-party providing financing, keeping the transaction simple and at a low cost.

What Vehicles Are Sold At Guaranteed Credit Approval Auto Dealerships?

Like other guaranteed credit approval auto dealerships in Connecticut, the selection of automobiles at Frank’s Auto Credit makes us a go-to for anyone looking for a trusted buy here pay here car lot. The automobiles we have will fit any budget. Whether you are looking for a sedan, SUV, crossover or minivan, we have the inventory to meet your needs.

Contact Our Guaranteed Credit Approval Car Dealership Today!

Looking for a guaranteed credit car dealership in CT? Visit Frank’s Auto Credit at 285 Broad Street in Manchester, CT, give us a call at (860) 649-3000 or send us a message here and we’ll be in touch!

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