Crew Cab vs. Double Cab Trucks, What’s the Difference?

Crew Cab vs. Double Cab Trucks, What’s the Difference?

Most people who are looking forward to buying a new truck are always spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between a crew cab and a double cab. Clients are always confused with the technical vocabulary used to describe the various features of different truck models.

We are here to help you make an informed decision on crew cab vs. double cab trucks. The most common question that you’ll hear people asking is “what is the difference between crew cab vs. double cab trucks?” Below are some of the crucial differences between these two types of trucks that you need to know.

Crew Cab vs. Double Cab Trucks: 4 Key Differences

The Cab Size: Crew Cab Trucks are Larger

The primary difference between a crew cab and a double lie in the size of the two trucks. The double cab which is also referred to as the extended cab is smaller than a crew cab. However, you may not be able to see the difference in size between the two trucks by merely looking at them physically. While the double cab is somehow tighter, the Crew cab tends to offer ample room for passengers and extra luggage. Crew cab trucks have 4 full size doors.

Interior Capacity

Although both the double cab and the crew cab are spacious inside and both can accommodate up to six passengers on board comfortably, the crew cab tends to be more spacious. The crew cab has more second-row hip and is still provides a bigger front shoulder room. The crew cab has undergone significant improvements when it comes to second-row legroom and headroom which makes it more spacious compared to the extended cab.


All these modern trucks offer great convenience and usability features. They will serve you excellently depending on the occasion and task at hand. However, choosing between the cabs can be a tricky affair. Your decision ought to be influenced by the primary reason why you need the truck.

If you are after ferrying people around more often, then the crew cab is best suited to serve you incredibly well since it has a larger passenger area. But, if your primary reason for getting a cab is to transport cargo, then a double cab will be the best option for you since it offers extra cargo space.


Another core difference between the crew cab and the double cab lies in the truck configurations. Typically, the crew cab is offered either as a standard box or a short box. However, the double cab is offered with only one option, the standard box. If you like the standard box, any of these two trucks will suit your needs.

Both the crew cab and the double cab offer great truck models that you can purchase. However, if you are after more headroom and passenger space then the crew cab option becomes the best choice for you, but if you are after more cargo space, then the double cab will do you good.

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