Spend That Tax Return on a New Car!

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Tax season is upon us. For some of us there’s no worse time of year. However, for those of us lucky enough to get a tax return the toughest choice in our lives right now is how to spend that extra cash. If you are one of the lucky few with a tax return this year why not spend that cash on a new car?

A lot of car-owning American’s agree there’s no better time to splurge on their cars. Almost 35 percent of car owners say that they’re going to spend their tax return on the cars. And why not? After all there’s no need to save for a down payment now that there’s that tax return burning a hole in your pocket. When’s the next time you’ll have that kind of cash on hand? Even though we keep our prices ridiculously low here at Frank’s Auto Credit, the economy forces used car prices higher every year. If you wait around until next year’s tax return you might not be able to afford the car you need.

We realize that your tax return probably won’t cover the full price of your choice car. Maybe you have bad credit or no credit and are afraid no one will finance the rest of cost. Or perhaps–if you are like a lot of other Americans–you don’t like or trust the usual impersonal financial institutions that make you beg for a car loan. Well, here at Frank’s Auto Credit you don’t have to worry about credit or those impersonal lenders. For over twenty years we’ve served Connecticut and the Greater Hartford Community as a Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealer. As long as you are eighteen or older all you need to buy a car from us is two current pay stubs, a phone bill from a current residence, a driver’s license, and a cash-down payment. Your tax return takes care of the cash-down payment, which is the hardest part. There are no outside institutions to fight with. Agreements are made between us and you–no one else.

With a wide selection of SUVs, trucks, cars, and vans you’re sure to find the perfect car for you that fits with your tax return. Rest assured when you find that prefect car that it will be in tip-top shape as each of our cars runs through a rigorous inspection before it hits the lot. And know that each vehicle comes with a 60 day/3,000 mile warranty should any issues arise after you buy it.

So come visit us at Frank’s Auto Credit with your tax return today!