Top 5 Winter Tires for New Englanders

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Now that it’s December, you’re probably experiencing quite a bit of snow as a New Englander. As you already now, fatal accidents are more common during the winter months due to the ice and snow. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to call sick every day due to road conditions if you want to be able to pay your bills and put food on the table. Fortunately, you can purchase winter tires to reduce the riskiness of driving in bad road conditions. Here are the top 5 winter tires for New Englanders.

BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO

If you need a good winter tire for your truck or SUV, you should consider the BF Goodrich All Terrain
T/A KO. If you’re expecting to encounter mostly snow and not much ice on the roads, this winter tire
will meet your needs. However, this tire is known to not handle as well in icy conditions. Therefore,
this winter tire is best for light snow and less severe winters.

Bridgestone Blizzaks WS70

An excellent winter tire for both snow and ice is the Bridgestone Blizzaks WS70. This tire was
designed with the latest nanotechnology in mind to ensure that it won’t lose its grip due to slush or ice.
This winter tire was designed to have many microscopic tubes and cells that will bite, scratch, and
grip ice, slush, and snow.

Continental ExtremeWinterContact

If you need high-traction winter tires, the Continental ExtremeWinterContact tires may be your best
bet. These winter tires have proprietary high-tech winter tread. The tread pattern is asymmetrical and
features sipes, treads, and grooves. These features allow the winter tire to expel water and slush
quickly so that it can attain a firm grip of the road. Not only are these tires perfect for winter conditions,
but they’re also very reasonably priced.

Michelin X-Ice Xi2

If you want a winter tire you’ll be able to use year-round, you should consider the Michelin X-Ice XI2.
This winter tire deals with ice and slush exceptionally well. The secret is Michelin X-Ice XI2’s deep
grooves with curves for increased traction. However, this tire is not especially great when it comes to
snowy conditions. This is the only thing that is keeping this winter tire from being among the very best
winter tires, if not the very best.

Hakkapeliitta R

Consider the Hakkapeliitta R winter tires if you want to get your hands on the best stud ess snow
tires. These tires feature pump sipes, which are highly efficient when it comes to expelling water. The
pump sipes of this winter tire has sharp shoulders, which only serve to increase the lateral grip.
Overall, this winter tire is very sure-footed in even the snowiest conditions.