Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

The winter season is no easy time for drivers. Many challenges come with car ownership on during the winter time like icy roads, heavy snow, low temperatures and salted streets. You need to ensure your car is well prepared to beat these challenges. Looking for a winter car maintenance checklist?

Here is a list of tips to ensure your car is always in good shape throughout the season. Check out our Winter Car Maintenance Checklist below!

Preparing Your Car For Winter Checklist

Update Your Headlights

During winter, the sun sets early, and darkness comes in earlier than usual. Therefore, you have to ensure your vehicle’s lights are in the best shape, providing the best illumination. Ensure to fix all the bulbs before winter starts, and if there is snow covering the exterior light, ensure to clean them before you set off on a journey. If the headlights are yellow or foggy, replace them or consider carrying an easy restoration kit with you.

Check Your Coolant

Coolant or antifreeze helps in protecting the engine from freezing. Ensure the coolant is in excellent shape and that there are no leakages on the engine since it could cause the coolant to drain out. It is advisable for you to use a water and coolant mix in the radiators, which lowers the engine’s freezing point more than coolant only.

Top Off Your Gas and Washer Fluid

Both gasoline and the washer fluid are two automotive parts of a vehicle you should always ensure full. The gas tank should always be kept full because it helps to prevent the accumulated water from freezing inside the fuel pump and also helps you to keep warm by helping the engine to keep running even when you get stuck. The washer fluid tank should be full because during the winter. There could be a snowstorm which leaves the road messy, and the debris could make it hard to see clearly. You, therefore, need to keep washing the windows regularly to see where you are going.

Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure

Do not wait until you spin out in the snow and end up in a ditch for you to replace your vehicle tires. If you live where ice and snow are always present, consider buying tires dedicated for winter season only. Tire pressure can drop as the air temperature drops. You need to keep track of tire pressure always to ensure you do not get in trouble. Low tire pressure could lead to tread  separation, and it could cause a major accident.

Check Your Battery

Battery operation difficulties during cold weather are more than during warm weather. For this reason, a weak battery in summer could be a dead battery in winter. You should have a volt test before the winter season starts and if it is not in a good position, install a new one before the season to ensure you do not get stranded on the road.

Other than car maintenance, it is nice if you have a survival kit to maximize your vehicle’s readiness for winter. Enjoy a smooth cruise during the winter season by observing the highlighted simple tips.

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